Ocean of Serenity

by Glyn Lloyd-Jones

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Note: This is a 5 track album, the full tracks will appear as a bonus upon purchase.

This album was created 4 years after 'Icesteps' and was rightly hailed by many as his most inspired work to date. Considering the quality of his previous albums, the fact that he seems to "raise the ante" with each release is amazing.

Glyn's previous works displayed his uncanny ability to harmonise sequences with breathtaking melodies. 'Ocean of Serenity' continues this approach and the title track, like so much of Glyn's work, is based around a stunningly beautiful yet simple theme which manifests itself in many guises. The opening refrains build to a climax then relax to a solitude which initially hints at, then leads into, the sequenced section. Here a rhythm is woven around a trademark synth lead which embellishes the main theme. A quality opening.

'An Alternative Reality' is again based around a superb chord sequence which Glyn seems to reel off at will. The way the sequence interacts with the main theme is a revelation. Initially the sequence is fired off in harmonic packets, to great effect, before being let loose. The whole thing works magnificently and is probably the highlight of the album ... along with the next track. If 'Return Flite' was described in its constituent parts one would not believe that such a concoction could work. Laid back synth themes combine with complex sequences, a cuckoo-like call sits alongside a guitar axe, choral voices mingle with bass rhythms. Pipey synth, flutey synth, reedy synth, synthy synth! It's all here bar the proverbial... and it all sounds fantastic.

'Xiological Sky' is very much a follow on from his previous album 'Icesteps'. The glassy synth leads combine superbly with the sequences which increase in complexity as the track draws to a close. 'Hymn' again has all the GLJ ingredients and the choral voices which open are magnificent producing a poignant end to the album.

A good friend of mine recently heard 'Ocean of Serenity' for the first time. His experience of EM is substantial to say the least. The fact that he was so bowled over, as I was and still am, by this album says it all. Quite simply work of the very highest calibre, and a must-have for any EM collector. (GG)


released June 1, 1993



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Glyn Lloyd-Jones Italy

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